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A New York City native, Koh Kazama is an up and coming guitarist exposing audiences to the endless possibilities of the classical guitar.  He started his guitar studies at the age of six, after being inspired by a Japanese rock musician.  His diverse repertoire ranges from early music played on period instruments to contemporary music using electronic effects.

Koh has performed solo recitals at the Long Island Guitar Festival, Mid-Hudson Classical Guitar Society, and the Music @NYPL series.  As a chamber musician, he has performed at the Yale Guitar Extravaganza and WNYC New Sounds Live series, as well as the Ears Open Concert, where he made his Carnegie Hall debut.

Koh holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Stony Brook University, where he was a scholarship student and teaching assistant of the guitar department.  He completed his Bachelor of Arts in psychology, Master of Music, and Artist Diploma at Yale University.  He received a full scholarship to attend Yale, and he was the recipient of the Eliot Fisk Prize, which was awarded to an outstanding guitarist whose artistic achievements and dedication have contributed greatly to the department.  He attended LaGuardia Arts High School in New York City, where he majored in cello and was part of the LaGuardia Symphony Orchestra.  His major teachers have included Jerry Willard, Benjamin Verdery, Simon Powis, Liam Wood, Nadav Lev, and David Gonzalez.

Koh is also a dedicated teacher who has experience teaching guitar to students of various levels and ages.  He is currently on the faculty of the Third Street Music School and holds a private studio as well.  He has previously taught as a Secondary Lessons Guitar Instructor at Yale and has worked as a Teaching Artist at New Haven public schools, as part of the Music In Schools community engagement program.






ニューヨークのロング–アイランド–ギターフェスティバル、 ニューヨーク–Mid-Hudson–クラシックギター–ソサエティーにおけるソロリサイタル、 ニューヨーク市公立図書館のMusic @NYPL シリーズ、 Bartlett Arboretum –サマー–コンサート–シリーズなど、アメリカニューヨーク州やコネチカット州でリサイタルを数多く行っている。室内楽奏者としては、イェール大学 Guitar Extravaganza –フェスティバルや、WNYCラジオNew Sounds Live シリーズ、カーネギーホール–デビューとなった Ears Open Concertでも演奏。

ニューヨーク–ストーニーブルック大学で音楽博士号を取得。在学中は奨学金を受け、またギター科の教授助手を務める。イェール大学心理学科卒業、イェール大学院音楽修士及び Artist Diploma。イェール大学院では 奨学生として全額援助を受ける。また、同大学院では、エリオット–フィスク賞(在学中に音楽的才能を伸ばし、かつ大学院に貢献し、傑出したギターリストに贈られる賞)を受賞。

高校は、Fame Schoolとして有名なNYCのLaGuardia Arts High Schoolを卒業。高校では、チェロを専攻。

過去にJerry Willard, Benjamin Verdery, Simon Powis, Liam Wood, Nadav Lev,  David Gonzalezに師事。

演奏のかたわらギター教育にも携わり、過去にはイェール大学、ニューヘブン公立学校(小学校から高校まで)で初心者から上級者を教える。現在、ニューヨーク–マンハッタンにあるアメリカで最古のミュージックスクールのThird Street Music Schoolで教職をとる。


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